RNCCA Officials and Executive Committee

President: Admiral Sir Philip Jones KCB ADC

Vice President: Captain A A Jordan RN

Chairman: Ex WO(CY) Paul Saynor MSM

Vice Chairman: Ex CWRN(RS)(M) Olwen Butler

Hon. Secretary: Ex CCY Mark Rutley

Hon. Treasurer: Ex CT1 Dave Field

Dining Secretary: Ex WO(RS) Brian Taylor

Newsletter Editor: Ex CCY Dave Gilchrist

Webmaster: Ex CCY Ian Ranscombe

Committee Members

Ex CRS M (Mick) Puttick

ex CRS Tony Wheeler

Ex CRS Sue Capocci

Association Padre

Revd Janice Honey-Morgan

Ex-officio Committee Members

Collingwood Liaison Officer: CPO (CIS) Neil (Paddy) Lappin

Minutes Secretary: Ex WO(RS) Ian Stirton-Smith

All correspondence should be addressed to the:
Hon. Secretary
32 Watersmeet, Fareham PO16 0TG
 Tel: 07988 344096
Your comments/observations on any matter regarding the Association will be welcome.

Association Rules (1997)

1. Name.

The name of the association shall be the "Royal Naval Communication Chiefs' Association" (RNCCA). The Association has formal recognition as an established association by the Ministry of Defence (Navy).

2. Aim.

The aim of the Association shall be to create an opportunity for all those with a common interest to meet annually at a Reunion and to enable them to keep in touch with each other by means of a Newsletter giving news of the Association, its members, social events and other items of interest.

3. Membership.

3.1. Full Membership.

All serving and ex-serving Warrant Officers and Chief Petty Officers of the Communications specialisations as listed in AnnexA; serving and retired Officers who were promoted from Warrant Officer or Chief Petty Officer of any of the above specialisations and equivalent ranks of the Royal Marines are eligible for Full Membership.

3.2. Associate Membership.

All serving and ex-serving Petty Officers and Royal Naval Reserve Warrant Officers, Chief Petty Officers and Petty Officers of the specialisations listed in Annex A are eligible for Associate Membership. Any former communication rating or Wren not eligible under the rules above but considers he or she has strong grounds may apply for Associate Membership. Warrant Officers, Staff Sergeants and Sergeants of the Royal Signals who are serving in HMS Collingwood or who have served in either HMS Collingwood or HMS Mercury and serving and retired Officers who were promoted from those ranks, may apply for Associate Membership. The Committee shall decide eligibility for Associate Membership on individual merit

4. Officials and Executive Committee.

4.1. Officials.

4.1.1. President. A Senior Communication Officer shall be invited to become President of the Association.

4.1.2. Vice President. A Senior Communications Officer shall be invited to become Vice President of the Association. The Commanding Officer of HMS Collingwood may also be invited to become Vice President of the Association

4.2. Executive Committee.

4.2.1. Management. The authority to manage the affairs of the Association shall be vested in the Executive Committee (the "Committee") comprised as follows:


Vice Chairman

Honorary Secretary

Honorary Treasurer

Minutes Secretary

Dining Secretary

and not more than four other elected members

4.2.2. Collingwood Liaison. A Communication Warrant Officer or Chief Petty Officer serving in HMS Collingwood shall be invited to accept an 'ex-officio' position on the Committee to assist with maintaining and strengthening links between the Association and HMS Collingwood.

4.2.3. Meetings. The Committee shall meet at least four times each year to conduct the business of the Association. There must be a quorum of five including either the Chairman or Vice Chairman. Any member of the Association may attend such meetings and may take part in, but not vote upon, matters being discussed.

4.2.4. Election of Committee Members. Nominations for election to the Committee shall be submitted to the Hon. Secretary at least two weeks prior to the Annual Reunion. Members serving on the Committee will be considered to be standing for re-election in the absence of any instructions to the contrary.

4.3. Duties.

4.3.1. Honorary Secretary. The Hon. Secretary shall endeavour to attend all meetings of the Committee and in the absence of the Minutes Secretary shall record and distribute copies of the minutes to Committee members. He shall be responsible for Association correspondence, the maintenance of a Register of Members and the issue of Membership Cards. He shall endeavour to issue two Newsletters each year (January/July).

4.3.2. Honorary Treasurer. The Hon. Treasurer shall exercise control of the finances of the Association as directed by the Committee and maintain a detailed account of all income and expenditure. He shall provide a Financial Statement at each Committee meeting and produce an audited Financial Statement at the Annual Reunion. The Association funds shall be kept at a Bank, Building Society and/or in National Savings approved by the Committee. Cheques issued on the behalf of the Association shall be signed by two authorised signatures in accordance with the Bank or Building Society's mandate approved by the Committee.

4.3.3. Minutes Secretary. The Minutes Secretary shall endeavour to attend all Committee meetings and be responsible for recording and distributing copies of the minutes to Committee members.

4.3.4. Dining Secretary. The Dining Secretary shall chair a sub-committee and be responsible for social function arrangements.

5. Finances.

5.1. Financial Year. The financial year end of the Association is 31st December.

5.2. Auditors. The Committee shall appoint two Auditors to audit the accounts at the financial year end for presentation to the membership in the July Newsletter and at the Annual Reunion.

5.3. Subscriptions.

5.3.1. On Joining. A joining fee of £5 together with an initial subscription of £5. A Membership Card will be issued upon receipt.

5.3.2. Annual. An annual subscription of £5, paid in advance, preferably by Banker's Order, on 15th September each year.

5.3.3. Alterations. Subscriptions may be altered as necessary by the Committee when circumstances warrant such alterations.

5.3.4. Outstanding Subscriptions. Any member failing to pay subscriptions for two consecutive years will be deemed to have terminated his or her membership and will be informed in writing that they have been excluded. The member may reapply for membership but will have to pay the fees as in 5.3.1. above.

5.4. Funds and Property. All funds and property of the Association shall be applied towards the furtherance of the aims of the Association. No funds or property of the Association shall be paid to or distributed among members unless approved by the Committee.

5.5. A Dissolution of the Association. In the event of a dissolution of the Association, the property belonging to the Association shall be sold and the proceeds, together with the Association's funds, will be distributed between Royal Navy and other charities as decided by the Committee.

6. Social Events.

6.1 Annual Reunion. The Annual Reunion will take place on the Third Saturday of September each year. The only business to be transacted at the Reunion is the election of Committee Members for the ensuing year and adoption of the Financial Statement.

6.2. Other Events. Details of other social events shall be published in the Newsletter.

7. Conduct of Members. Members are required to maintain a high standard of conduct whenever attending a function of, or representing, the Association. Any member guilty of bringing the Association's good name into disrepute will be invited to answer any accusations of misconduct, and if the Committee is not satisfied with the explanation given, the offending member will be informed in writing that his or her membership is terminated forthwith. The member has the right of appeal against the decision.

8. Suggestions. Suggestions for the improvement of the Association or any of its functions are welcome. Please submit such suggestions, in writing to the Hon. Secretary for consideration by the Committee.

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